Mirza & Malan Advogados originated from the union of the professional practices of the criminal lawyers Flávio Mirza and Diogo Malan, due to the growing demand from their clients, in turn based on recognition of the excellence of the services rendered.

That increase made it necessary to have an even more solid structure, while preserving the high degree of specialization and personalized service, always focused on the most favorable result for the client.

Our philosophy is guided by the principle that the successful practice of criminal law requires a combination of combativeness, ethics and technical skill, underpinned by solid academic training, exclusive dedication and extensive experience. The strategic and operational aspects of all cases are personally handled by the Firm’s partners.

With offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília and activities throughout Brazil, our Firm renders services to individuals and companies, both national and foreign. For this we count on a network of correspondent firms in the main Brazilian cities, along with assistance from noted technical consultants in the areas of economics, accounting, private investigation and forensic medicine, among others.

Our professionals have the necessary expertise to carry out efficient legal research, drawing on the main law libraries and legal databases, enabling them to produce court submissions, technical notes, legal opinions and other texts of the highest technical and procedural caliber.


Practice Areas

Mirza & Malan Advogados specializes in criminal litigation, especially in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. This covers assistance with ongoing investigations by the police, public prosecutors and legislative investigative committees at all levels (federal, state and municipal), and defense of clients in criminal prosecutions in the state and federal courts as well as the military and electoral courts, including extradition proceedings before the Federal Supreme Court, among others.

Mirza & Malan Advogados defends clients against accusations involving a wide range of criminal accusations, including:

  • Money laundering
  • Criminal conspiracy
  • Financial crimes
  • Tax evasion
  • Antitrust crimes (such as cartel participation)
  • Capital market crimes (such as insider trading)
  • Environmental crimes
  • Crimes against the public administration
  • Crimes against public health
  • Crimes involving consumer relations
  • Crimes involving the social security system
  • Bankruptcy crimes
  • Industrial property crimes
  • Crimes involving public tenders
  • Electoral crimes
  • Crimes against honor (libel, slander)
  • Crimes against property

Another important service of Mirza & Malan Advogados is in preventive and consultative criminal law, through preparation of technical notes and legal opinions on complex questions, including matters related to corporate compliance, always aiming to provide clients with valuable guidance to obtain favorable results.